We are offering sarapadi Work, Front Elevation, Sitout, Open Balcony (Sarapady Kerala Style).we also offer Cement pillar lamp posts create a definite appeal to the corners, where they are fixed in. Beautifully carved to perfection, our decorative lampposts are great to manifold the charm of garden, park etc to a large extent. We are manufacturer, wholesale supplier and exporter of various kind of designer lamp posts like outdoor lamp post, exterior lamp post, granite lamp post, residential lamp post, commercial lamp post, patio lamp post, indoor lamp post, outdoor lamppost, garden lamp post etc.


Marble is an expressive material so we make the ambiance look sophisticated or simple, elegant or rustic cement and decorative pillars. We are proud to offer a large collection of decorative cement pillars that is perfect to spice up the decor of residential and commercial buildings. Designed with elegance and sophistication, our cement pillars look eye popping with multicolored trendy patterns. We offer designer pillar, decorative pillar, carved painting pillars, hand carved pillar, and hand crafted pillars. All are look like natural stone pillar, hand carved column, hand crafted column, decorative column, designer column, etc.

Concrete Products

We produce both lawn and garden decor as well as within the home, concrete/cement statues and sculptures exist as a way to make less costly statues. Despite their low cost, concrete and cement mixtures can easily fill even the most delicate carvings. Of course, referring to pieces as cement statues is not really an accurate description. Cement is actually just one component that is used to make concrete. It is the powdered substance made of burned lime and clay that mixes together with the sand, gravel, and water. When it dries, it hardens and becomes concrete. Consequently, we typically refer to cement statues as concrete statues.

Concrete works very well as a statue material because it is a hard, compact building material that still allows for a good level of detail at a very low cost.

Concrete statues are typically reserved for outdoor garden statues and fountains.

Fiber Products

This colorful fiber statue are attractive fiber statue is handmade by our talented artists and is intricately hand painted giving it a glossy look. It is a unique artistic imagination of our artisans and so it results to exceptional artwork. We regularly design similar kind of masterpieces, which are unique in it. Go through our other products and you will be extremely delighted to view other real size statues, fiber statues which can compliment your home interiors, exteriors and similar kind of collection.

We regularly keep on adding new attractive items consisting of fiber statues. We make the traditional statue an original idea of our experienced artisans, which is converted into a fiber statue using finest quality fiber material. So, it looks attractive and is unique in itself. Your visitors will really be delighted to see this fiber statue.



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